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Littleton Liquor Mart
Littleton Liquor Mart
We’ve been missing Fiction Beer Company on on our shelves here at the store.
Good news! We just got some fresh new beers in stock
Halfwolf is a double dry hopped NEIPA with Ariana, Lemondrop, and Azacca hops
Dial C for Collaboration is a brut ipa with peaches and viognier grapes. Peaches and Viognier Grapes make up 25% of this beer. A custom mixed fermentation blend of Brettanomyces and champagne yeast were used to ferment this beer dry with almost no residual sugar. Only whirlpool hops and huge dry hops add to the complexity.
Halfwolf $15.99 4pk
Dial C $13.99 4pk
Limit 1 😊 😊
Littleton Liquor Mart
Littleton Liquor Mart
Hot off the press!!
Old Nation drop came through today.
Boss Tweed $17.99 4pk
M-43 $14.99 4pk
Limit 1 per person.
Littleton Liquor Mart
Littleton Liquor Mart recommends New Image Brewing Company.
New Image Brewing Company dropped off some new tasty treats this week!
Pending Approval is a sour IPA and the first in this series.
They are looking for people to rate the releases on their website.
Pay It Forward is an NEIPA with heaps of tropical and tangerine notes.
Part of the proceeds go to the Project Helping Foundation!
Lastly, we have Black Lipstick dour sour with chocolate, cherry, and vanilla.
Pending Approval- $10.99 4pk
Pay it Forward- $17.99 4pk
Black Lipstick- $14.99
Littleton Liquor Mart
Littleton Liquor Mart
***One Week Wine Sale****
This week we are featuring Lo-ve Garnacha from Rioja Spain. This Garnacha is packed full of read fruit and spice with floral notes on the palate. The flavor profile is bold yet elegant at the same time, pair this “lovely” wine with nice hard cheeses or some nicely charred red meat. Normally $17.99 but on sale this week for $12.99.
Littleton Liquor Mart
Littleton Liquor Mart recommends WeldWerks Brewing Company.
WeldWerks Brewing Company just arrived and this week’s line up looks pretty fun.
If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite childhood ice cream flavors tasted like with a bit of a sour kick, wait no longer. Neapolitan sour is here!
3.8 miles double IPA made a comeback this week as well.
Juicy Bits and Neopolitan are $13.99 4pk
3.8 Miles $16.99 4pk