In Store Tasting - Corvidae Wines

Corvidae Winery - December 21, 2019 3pm - 6pm

Ravena Riesling- Reg. $13.99…Sale $11.99
    Vibrant and Refreshing with tons of acidity to cut thru the sweetness.  Flavors of honey suckle and apricots.

Mirth Chardonnay- Reg. $13.99…Sale $11.99
    *Unoaked* Bright and crisp with tons of apple and tropical flavors.
Super refreshing and it just calls for some food to pair with it.

Lenore Syrah - Reg. $13.99…Sale $11.99
     Aromatic with notes of blueberry, boysenberry red currants and plum.. leading into a slight savory notes brought out by the oak.

Rook Merlot—Reg. $13.99...Sale $11.99
     This wine is a flavor explosion… red and black fruits dance around notes of citrus peel, sarsaparilla, cinnamon and tobacco.  Finishing 
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