Sunday Reds

Red Selections - March 22, 2020

As well all sort through all the groceries we have bought over the last week, we have decided to feature three value Red Wines that can pair with whatever meal your are having.  Yes even frozen pizza!

Motorosso Vino Rosso $10.99 normally $13.99 
 Motorosso is a red blend of 50%Merlot 35% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Sangiovese.  Lively and easy going with bright notes of red fruits with a acidity.  “Pairs well with Tapas, Pizza and Snacks” 

Flor De Goda Garnacha $9.99 normally $11.99
Flora De Goda is 100% Garnacha layer of dark fruits like blueberry, blackberry, and plums.  One the finish there are bold rich fruit with hints of dark chocolate, licorice and cracked pepper.  “ Sounds like I want it with Brawts”

Underwood Pinot Noir $10.99 normally $13.99
Underwood Pinot Noir is a Best buy for sure winning the title in 2018 and 2014!  100% Pinot Noir bright and elegant red fruits like strawberry and cherry.  “Sounds great with a grilled chicken salad”
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