Tasting Saturday

Rickoli Brewing - September 21, 2019 3pm - 6pm

Quicher Bichen - Reg. $9.99…Sale $7.99
     A mellow strong golden ale brewed with Dutch yeast lending to fruity esters… “smooth enough to make you quit you bitching”
Vanilla In “Yo Rye”-Reg. $11.99…Sale $9.99
    A rye stout brewed with pure vanilla, dark and roasty that is softened by the pure Mexican Vanilla.
Totally IPA- Reg. $11.99...Sale $9.99
     A nice malt backbone with a pungent punch of bitter hops on both the palate and the nose.
Statik Triple IPA - Reg. $15.99.99…Sale $13.99
  An homage to the American Barely Wine… it sure does pack a punch at 107 IBU’s.
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